This municipality is located on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, and covers 96 square kilometers (37 miles2). It is also known as "The People of Friendship", "Los Jueyeros", "The People of the Twelve Streets" and "The Gate of Culture". According to the 2000 census, its general population was 21,888 Guaniqueños. Eight neighborhoods comprise its territory: Arena, Caño, Carenero, Ciénaga, Ensenada, Guánica Pueblo, Montalva and Susúa Baja. His patron saint is James the Apostle, whose feast is celebrated on 25 July. Other important celebrations are the Fish Festival (April) and the commemoration of the arrival of the Spanish conqueror Juan Ponce de León to his port on August 12. Guánica has several natural attractions such as the beaches Caña Gorda, Ballena, Santa, Jaboncillo and Las Pardas, and the Dry Forest (Xerotico). The latter is one of the best preserved and studied forests. For its scientific importance it was designated international biosphere reserve in 1981 and Forest Reserve in 1985. This municipality also has archaeological sites and historical monuments such as Fort Caprón and its watchtower in Cerro Caprón, an observation point during Spanish colonization. Within the Guaniqueño economic complex, construction, hospitality and retail dominate the labor sector. However, its economy also focuses on the cultivation of minor fruits, livestock and the extraction of sea salt. Other industries that have contributed to its economy are food factories, rubber, plastic and metal production, and the manufacture of electrical equipment.

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