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Añasco located in the valleys of the west coast of Puerto Rico. It covers 102.95 square kilometers (39.75 miles2). Its name comes from Don Luis Añasco, colonizer companion of Juan Ponce de León on his first voyage of exploration to Puerto Rico. It is also known as "the city where the gods die", "the people of the puff pastry", "the people of the morcilleros" and "the natives". According to the 2000 census, its general population was 28,348 yearolds, distributed in the neighborhoods: Añasco Pueblo, Añasco Abajo, Añasco Arriba, Caguabo, Caracol, Carreras, Casey Abajo, Casey Arriba, Cerro Gordo, Cidra, Corcovada, Dagéey, Espino, Hatillo, Humatas, Marias, Miraflores, Sheep, Pineapples, Beach, Long Break, Rio Arriba and Cañas River. Its patron saint is San Antonio Abad. At present, agriculture occupies a third or fourth economic line, as much of the arable land was used for industries, shops, public buildings and developments. No start, banana crops, guineas and other minor fruits are maintained. Also, in this region abounds the mang of which a sweet paste is produced very famous in this municipality. On the other hand, Añasco was very famous for his chicharrón, a merit that he bequeathed to the people of Bayamón. The industrial sector of this town is distinguished by having a manufacturing area sponsored by the municipality. In turn, there are other companies that produce sweets, pastas and a puff pastry made with brandy and spices considered as the typical dish of the village. Another typical delicacy is the clam called "chipe". At the time there was a factory known as The Puerto Rico Liquors Company, dedicated to the production of rums "Mahoma", "Ron de Frutas", "San Rafael" and the anise "Conchita" and "Marie". On the other hand, the Arrillaga family established a factory of pharmaceutical products such as the alcoholics "Olga", "Wonderful Puerto Rico" and "Santa Rosa"; perfumes and medicinal products "Brownalina", "Bitter of Agave" and "Malarina".

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